Teaching and Science Outreach


Dr. Weber is committed to excellence in teaching Advanced Molecular Biology, Immunology, and Flow cytometry here at BYU.  He has published his finding that integration of Personal Genomics in the Classroom increases student interest and learning and more recently published tips on increasing undergraduate student confidence in performing independent research. Recently he has published work showing that analysis of Personal Microbiome Analysis in the Classroom significantly increases student engagement and interest. He and departmental students are also involved in science education outreach in the community such as the Provo City Science Palooza and the STEM career conference Empowering Your Tomorrow. Efforts by Dr. Weber and Dr. Johnson to foster authentic learning experiences in the Advanced Molecular Biology lab were recently highlighted in the BYU Life Sciences Magazine

Courses taught:

MMBIO 441 - Advanced Molecular Biology

MMBIO 442 - Advanced Molecular Biology Lab
MMBIO 463 - Immunology
MMBIO 522 - Flow Cytometry
MMBIO 551R - Graduate Immunology